Simple NaLu, attempted to imitate Mashima’s colouring style for kicks!

Based on the FT 2013 Calender pics. I’ve actually had this lineart waiting on the backburner since Jan, gettin things done finally. 


To celebrate Miss Mungoe’s EPIC 1920s AU Fairy Tail Fanfic, Hard Liquor, reaching over 30 chapters PLUS her birthday, I created one of my biggest fanart projects to date. After having it finished, I asked my partner in epic art and design crime, Maggie, to work her video editing magic in what I asked for was “A simple pan up from bottom to top”.

Instead, being the ridiculously talented and driven person she is with creative projects, I got this glorious piece of video GOLD. GAUGH I CAN’T EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR HER.


Music used: Parov Stelar - The Mojo Radio Gang

So here’s the epic thing I’ve been working on recently. Rae does such fabulous work it’d be a waste to not put 100% effort into it. The boxing dragons and Erza in there were treat requests for me hee hee.

I’m glad the FT fandom and miss mungoe can also get enjoyment outta this! I’d love to do more stuff like it in future.



Had a blast with Maggie and Monica trading around the Fairy Tail bluenette trio! It’s so cool to see what kind of love babies our styles can make when mixed, HEH.

There is nothing not to like about this. HECKYEA. My collab with Rae and Monica.

I just love seeing how differently everyone works, especially the hugely different approaches in the sketching phase. And the varied lineweights of choice in the inking stage, and the different ways of using colour in the last stage. Though I’m amused Monica and I somehow used the same sort of background colours in ours, ahahah too awesome. 

We should definitely so something again sometime gals, THIS WAS TOO FUN. 

I’ve fallen into a Magi obsession and I can’t get out. Halp. 

Fanart of a Fancomic of a Fanfic - FANCEPTION 

Pretty sure it’s called Ravaged. 

Erza’s one of those rare female characters who are strong physically, but also manage retain their femininity and have their own vulnerabilities. I just think she’s rad. 

That and her armors always look freakin awesome. 

I’ve been working on a project with Raedoodles and SUDDENLY THIS. 

(Sketch is by her, I may or may not have edited this crack.) 

WELL, I’m back. A few months back I got a pretty demanding job that takes basically all of my day away, combined with life things which meant time to draw or internet time was minimal.

But here’s a pile of things I have sketched over time that need to be scanned right now. Look forward to it! I can’t guarantee many coloured works anymore due to my schedule but sketches are a great stress relief.

I’ll also get to those asks shortly even though they’re super delayed. Thanks for sticking with me!

YOU ARE WELCOME, thanks so much for the message too! ;__; 

Honestly this is why I love drawing Fanart, so many people get enjoyment out of it. GaLe is amaaazing and definitely my Fairy Tail OTP so I’m sure I won’t really tire of drawing them. There’s just too much to explore!