More Fire Emblem doodles~ 

Rae, Monica and My Avatar’s and their in game husbandos in order. Loosely based on supports. Surprise gift art for those awesome ladies! 

Chrom: I do so love that laugh.

Olivia: And I love seeing you relax instead of reading war books or whatever you do!

Chrom and Olivia actually have the sweetest supports of any of the FE:A pairs in my opinion. I’m torn between wishing you could read them as you progress and really digging the unique whirlwind romance aspect.

You know Gaius is sweet on a gal when he offers her some of his precious cake to go with her tea. 

Good question Anon. Rae is a goose who sometimes forgets random scars and tattoos, IT’S A THING. I’m one too for not noticing either. 

I’ve just fixed it up, should be okay now. Thanks for pointing it out! 

Just my Magi OTP with undertones of TRAGEDY. 

Two sides of the same card 

Laxana collab drawn by Rae and I in my sketchbook while we were just chillin in the Charlotte NC Airport during a layover. Laxus was drawn by her and Cana by me. 

Simple NaLu, attempted to imitate Mashima’s colouring style for kicks!

Based on the FT 2013 Calender pics. I’ve actually had this lineart waiting on the backburner since Jan, gettin things done finally. 


To celebrate Miss Mungoe’s EPIC 1920s AU Fairy Tail Fanfic, Hard Liquor, reaching over 30 chapters PLUS her birthday, I created one of my biggest fanart projects to date. After having it finished, I asked my partner in epic art and design crime, Maggie, to work her video editing magic in what I asked for was “A simple pan up from bottom to top”.

Instead, being the ridiculously talented and driven person she is with creative projects, I got this glorious piece of video GOLD. GAUGH I CAN’T EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR HER.


Music used: Parov Stelar - The Mojo Radio Gang

So here’s the epic thing I’ve been working on recently. Rae does such fabulous work it’d be a waste to not put 100% effort into it. The boxing dragons and Erza in there were treat requests for me hee hee.

I’m glad the FT fandom and miss mungoe can also get enjoyment outta this! I’d love to do more stuff like it in future.